Business Insurance

  • Life insurance for security on a business loan, required by your financial institution.
  • We provide a range of life insurance products through a number of providers.

Key Man Insurance

  • Most businesses have at least one (and possibly several) key employees. They may be long-term employees, or bring a valuable or unique set of skills that are not easily replaced.
  • We offer life and disability insurance for key employees that ensure your business can absorb any financial loss that arises from the loss of a key employee.

Disability Top-Up / Carve-Out

  • We offer customized disability coverage for shareholders and executives of businesses.
    • Carve-Out: A disability solution whereby we "carve" out the executive from your group disability plan and replace it with personalized coverage with enhanced disability definitions.
    • Top-Up: A solution whereby we top-up basic group disability coverage with personalized and enhanced individual coverage.

Buy/Sell Insurance

  • Most businesses have a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement among the Partners/Shareholders, that governs what happens in the event of death or disability of a shareholder
  • Integrated Benefits works with your Accountant and Lawyer to ensure the agreement is properly written to maximize tax efficiencies, and to accurately "value" your business.
  • We arrange life and disability insurance to "fund" the buy/sell portion of the agreement, to ensure your business continues to operate without interruption in the event of an unexpected tragedy involving a shareholder.

Executive Medicals

  • Your executives provide leadership and vision for your organization.
  • Providing your executives with access to extraordinary private medical clinics for annual or periodic medical exams is an excellent way to show how much your organization values them.
  • We have researched several providers, and can recommend and arrange private medical exams for your executives, the cost of which is tax-deductible to your business.