Customized Newsletters

Integrated Benefits offers a variety of newsletters specially designed to target employees and their families. These newsletters serve the following purposes:

  • Cost Containment – Many newsletters are designed to educate your employees to be wise consumers of Health and Dental services. In addition, our newsletters aim to reduce the number of questions your employees have for your plan administrator, allowing him/her to focus on other duties.
  • Employee Perception – By educating your employees on benefit related topics, and other specific coverage, they understand their benefits more. By branding these communication pieces for your organization, it will help keep your employees engaged and informed.
  • Plan Administrator Support – There are two costs of a benefit plan: One is the premium cheque you write to your insurance company every month; the other is the internal cost of administering the plan. Integrated Benefits is focused on reducing both of these costs some of our newsletters are aimed at educating and supporting your Plan Administrator(s).

View a few samples of our "For Your Benefit" newsletters:

Travel Insurance (PDF)

Coordination of Benefits (PDF)

Communicating Changes to Your PA (PDF)

Integrated Benefits has a full library of "For Your Benefit" newsletters that can be branded with your organization’s logo and colors. Contact us for a list of available newsletters that cover a variety of topics from Dispensing Fees to Paramedical Services